The United Kingdom’s tech incubator Digital Catapult has allied with virtual effects expert Target3D to introduce a series of advanced media production (AMP) studios, powered by 5G technology. These studios, based in London and Gateshead, offer seamless connectivity, supporting large scale, high-quality media production and providing wider access to top-tier content creation technology.

The studios are equipped with a broad array of technological tools, such as mixed/extended reality, 360-degree live-action filming, motion capture, photogrammetry, and 5G private networks. Allan Rankin, managing director of Target3D, shared his excitement about the potential of these facilities. “A new dawn in Advanced Media Production…means new exciting outputs – from new techniques and skills for ever-expanding mediums, and discerning consumers of content,” he enthused.

One of the considerable advantages of employing 5G technology is its potential to enhance the performance and efficiency of media and visual effects (VFX) production. High-speed mobile connectivity, enabled by 5G, facilitates real-time integration of VFX and virtual sets with live-action footage. Real-time editing comes alive with synchronised, multi-camera setups that film scenes from various angles and wirelessly transmit the footage for quick editing. Additionally, it allows production teams dispersed across different locations to collaborate effectively on projects.

For the audience, 5G can significantly intensify the viewing experience. It supports augmented/virtual reality (AR/VR), interactive live video, and 360-degree footage. In a nutshell, 5G provides numerous technical benefits to virtual production studios, transforming the way content is created and produced.

“5G revolutionises the way content is created and produced…actions can be synchronised seamlessly, allowing for accurate real-time rendering and responsiveness…MOREOVER, the system provides higher bandwidth, which is essential for transmitting large volumes of high-resolution video and 3D data in real time,” Digital Catapult confirmed.

Right now, these studios are just beginning to experiment with 5G, and the mentioned applications of the technology are still being investigated. However, Digital Catapult is known for its commitment to promoting emerging technologies and has made significant strides in various sectors, including smart manufacturing and Open RAN development.

In the coming future, Digital Catapult and its partners are hopeful of hitting multiple KPIs that will edge Open RAN closer to commercial reality, revolutionising the technology landscape.