Open RAN Revenue Growth Slows

Global Open RAN revenues saw a 10-20 percent growth in Q1 2023, while the vRAN market expanded by 20-30 percent, according to Dell’Oro’s report. However, this growth is slower than the previous year, mainly due to a decline in North America. The Asia Pacific region performed well and offset the North American decline. Despite the slowdown, Dell’Oro remains optimistic about Open RAN, expecting it to account for 6-10 percent of the global RAN market in 2023. On the other hand, Dell’Oro has lowered its full-year outlook for multi-access edge computing (MEC) by over 20 percent, citing a slowdown in China’s 5G market and subdued enterprise interest.

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Cisco Partners with the Greater Manchester Digital Security Hub

Cisco has partnered with the Greater Manchester Digital Security Hub (DiSH) to enhance cybersecurity in the region. Cisco’s Country Digital Acceleration (CDA) program will focus on addressing the cybersecurity skills gap by targeting vulnerable organizations, the widest industry gap, and the future generation. DiSH aims to develop real-world cybersecurity solutions to bolster public and private sector resilience. As part of the collaboration, DiSH will become a Cisco Networking Academy to support small businesses’ cybersecurity skills. Cisco is also launching the “Cisco Cyber Camps” program in partnership with Open University, providing free training for female or non-binary students aged 13-19 in the UK.

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European Commission’s Flexible Approach to M&A Affects Telecom Operators’ Consolidation Plans

The European Commission, through Margrethe Vestager, its EVP in charge of competition policy, has indicated a flexible approach to mergers and acquisitions (M&A), providing hope for telecom operators considering consolidation. Vestager highlighted that the Commission’s decisions on complex merger bids are not simply binary (approve or block), often opting for structural remedies or imposing conditions. The telecom industry, including operators like Orange, MasMovil, Vodafone, and CK Hutchison, awaits the outcome of ongoing investigations and anticipates a softer approach accompanied by remedies. Vestager also emphasized the importance of international cooperation and simplifying M&A procedures to reduce red tape.

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Evolve IP Launches the ‘Anywhere Portal’

Evolve IP has introduced the ‘Anywhere Portal,’ a platform designed to simplify provisioning and administration for its reselling partners. The portal enables partners to manage all Evolve IP solutions in one place, streamlining the process of provisioning, managing, and supporting their customers. It offers features such as Cisco BroadWorks service configuration, Webex integration, multi-factor authentication, and bulk upload capabilities. The portal’s enhanced functionality automates core processes and aims to provide faster, easier, and more efficient responses to customer needs. Babble, a solutions provider, described the Anywhere Portal as a “game changer” for its ability to facilitate user deployment securely and with potential for future growth.

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CallCabinet Unveils AI-Powered Conversation Analytics

CallCabinet, a leader in cloud-native call recording solutions, has launched Conversation Analytics powered by advanced AI. This innovative solution accurately analyzes sentiment, emotion, and more in real-time, providing invaluable business intelligence. It enables companies to understand customer interactions thoroughly, improving customer experience, employee performance, and operational efficiencies. The Conversation Analytics offering comes in two packages: Standard Analytics, which focuses on improving the customer journey and compliance adherence, and Advanced Analytics, designed for enterprise-class analysis and deep insights into business-critical KPIs. These solutions are customizable and integrate seamlessly with any communication platform.

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Telgorithm Presents Exclusive Q&A: What Happens After 10DLC Registration?

Join Telgorithm on June 1st ,2023, at 11 am PT, for an informative Q&A session on throughput management and the next steps after 10DLC registration. Led by Telgorithm CEO and industry expert Aaron Alter, this event aims to provide valuable insights into ensuring long-term reliability and profitability on 10DLC. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage directly with Aaron Alter as he answers their questions live. Topics to be covered include the significance of TCR (Throughput Capacity Registration) and Carrier rate limit management, determining the responsible party for rate limit management, addressing blockages experienced on T-Mobile, and unveiling never-before-seen API product features that cater to the messaging needs of your 10DLC campaign. 

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