Cisco has recently announced a new bi-directional integration between its AppDynamics application observability and ThousandEyes network intelligence. The move aims to enhance full-stack observability and customer digital experience monitoring by closing gaps with rapid actionable recommendations and insights.

User experience is now a significant factor for organizations aiming to elevate their digital experiences through applications. As digital experiences get more complex on the businesses’ end, a need for a more unified solution that can consider both the application and network aspects becomes crucial. Cisco’s solution provides both application and network-related insights, offers real-time application dependency mapping for network operations, and can lessen Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR). The integration ensures accessible observability across application monitoring, application security, the network, and the internet.

According to Liz Centoni, EVP, Chief Strategy Officer, and GM of Applications, “Cisco’s Customer Digital Experience Monitoring solution brings together our industry-leading application observability and our unparalleled network intelligence, so that customers can uncover all the application and network dependencies not visible before.” The new offering promises to enhance collaboration between Infrastructure & Operations teams, Application Developers, SecOps, and DevSecOps teams, ultimately leading to better user experience and improved business outcomes.

Cisco’s recent intent to acquire Smartlook, a company specializing in user digital behavior analysis, complements their bi-directional integration by providing real user monitoring (RUM) capabilities. With end-to-end monitoring now in place, businesses have the opportunity to make better-informed decisions and resolve potential issues faster, delivering immense value for their customers.