Dstny Automate, the industry leader in providing Direct Routing solutions for Microsoft Teams, has announced the launch of Call2Teams Go, a revolutionary addition to their suite of Direct Routing products. This innovative solution transforms voice integration with Teams, enabling the full potential of collaborative teamwork without the complexity of additional telephony licensing. The result is a cost-effective and efficient solution that empowers organizations to harness the capabilities of Teams for voice communication.

Call2Teams Go offers a uniquely native client companion experience for Microsoft Teams, setting it apart from other offerings. With this solution, users of Call2Teams PBX can swiftly activate a dial pad within the Teams environment. Impressively, the tenant requires only a single Microsoft Teams Resource Account license and a phone system license for the entire company. This native integration ensures seamless access to essential Teams functionalities, including presence status, call history, 1-1 call recording and transcription, voicemail, call waiting, and contact synchronization. Moreover, Call2Teams Go introduces exclusive features like an accurate reflection of line state during transfers.

Neil Greenwood, VP of Product at Dstny Automate, highlighted the significance of native integration within Teams:

“Being native on the client side means you’re utilizing the Teams voice capabilities within the platform, benefiting from the networking and quality of service attributes spanning from the client to the Azure Cloud and onward to Teams.”

Notably, Call2Teams Go eliminates the need for separate software installation, ensuring a seamless experience within the Teams environment. Unlike other integrations that rely on external applications, Call2Teams Go operates natively within Teams, aligning with the familiar Teams interface.

Call2Teams Go brings a transformative shift to Teams calling via PBX, streamlining communication for businesses of all sizes. As with Call2Teams for PBX and Trunks, this new addition follows a per-user-per-tenant pricing model, enhancing accessibility for organizations.

Greenwood added, “Call2Teams Go completes our Direct Routing product suite, granting all company users access to native Teams calling, whether through Microsoft Phone System or Call2Teams Go.”

This launch introduces groundbreaking enhancements to call management within Microsoft Teams, marking a significant stride towards making native Teams calling accessible to all users, regardless of budget constraints.