Clickatell, a mobile messaging and chat commerce pioneer, has introduced the world’s first Chat Commerce Platform as a Service (CCPaaS), which enables companies to capitalize on chat commerce opportunities. The new platform enables businesses to communicate, connect, and transact with consumers over existing messaging networks.


The CCPaaS platform allows for comprehensive, authorized commerce experiences within popular messaging environments including WhatsApp, Apple Messages, SMS, and USSD. This latest Clickatell product will help businesses stay ahead of the conversational commerce trend and help them capitalize on the potential that chat commerce brings to the market.


Through the simplicity of texting, the platform enables relevant, in-context brand experiences and secure payment possibilities. Businesses may do business on the world’s most popular messaging apps, saving time, money, and increasing customer satisfaction.


Clickatell’s CCPaaS is also the first SaaS solution to enable secure payment processing through integration with key payment gateways, allowing companies to accept transactions from within the chat interface.


The platform is PCI-DSS, ISO27001, and SOC2 certified, offering the highest data protection and privacy requirements. Customers may safely pay using card tokenization by clicking a link in any messaging channel that takes them to a Clickatell-hosted checkout that tokenizes the user’s payment information and preserves it for future use. This simplifies subsequent transactions for the consumer with ‘one tap pay.’


Pieter de Villiers, CEO, and Co-Founder at Clickatell said: “The launch of Clickatell’s Chat Commerce Platform as a Service marks a significant milestone in our company’s mission to revolutionize customer engagement and facilitate frictionless commerce within messaging apps.” He added, “As the first of its kind, CCPaaS sets a new standard for the future of chat commerce and reinforces Clickatell’s pioneering position in the industry.”


Clickatell’s CCPaaS is available in three distinct packages: Clickatell Connect, Clickatell Interact, and Clickatell Transact.


Connect, the foundation package, enables businesses to send and receive enterprise-grade mobile messages over multiple messaging channels.


Interact builds on Connect, allowing businesses to have meaningful conversations with consumers and build messaging workflows to deploy chatbots and mini-apps.


Transact enables businesses to sell products and services directly within messaging channels, accepting payments on the Clickatell platform, and providing unparalleled check-out experiences.