In an era where climate change is becoming an imminent global adversary, the infrastructure that fortifies the Internet, including elements such as fiber optic cables and colocation facilities, is being jeopardized. It’s feared that these key components could be submerged and consequently incapacitated in the succeeding decades due to this environmental crisis.

Particularly, situations like the one experienced on the Saint-Martin island underscore the importance of meticulously strategizing the planning of cable operations and the positioning of landing stations. Planners must consider a variety of local hazards and the impact of climate change on these threats.

A clear example is the predicament that ensued after Hurricane Irma in September 2017. The tempest left the entire infrastructure of Saint-Martin island decimated, which prompted Setics Sttar to step in during the rebuilding phase.

In building the new framework, consideration was given to a wide range of risks. As a result, elevated poles were replaced with subterranean framework wherever feasible as a measure of caution against future climate-related incidents.

Setics Sttar has assisted engineering teams in more than 30 countries to infuse climate risks considerations into the automated network design and to calculate the possible financial implications of such undertakings. Their methodical approach affords optimal results and ensures the longevity of the infrastructure even in the face of worsening environmental conditions.

For those interested in gaining a deeper understanding, a video is available detailing the process. However, more than just learning about the subject, it is important to act now. Request a climate risk assessment for your FTTH Network design and be one step ahead in mitigating the potential harms of the climate change.

With the growing threat of climate change impacting our lives, it is no longer a choice, but a necessity to factor in climate risks into our infrastructure planning and designs. Our planet, and the future of our internet, depend on it.