In recent telecommunication news, Orange and MasMovil found a potential resolution to their merger issues in Digi, a telecom company based in Romania. According to a report from Reuters, Digi has been chosen to acquire a portion of the firms’ assets in efforts to alleviate European Union (EU) antitrust worries.

About a year ago, Orange and MasMovil confirmed an agreement to combine their Spanish enterprises in a deal approximately worth €19 billion. The integration of these two businesses, second and fourth largest in the nation respectively, would establish a formidable competition in both fixed broadband and mobile segments.

Nevertheless, the merger drew substantial attention from European regulators, apprehensive of the potential decrease in competition and consequent rise in consumer costs. MasMovil and Orange, on the other hand, counterargue that this consolidation would help them invest more efficiently in infrastructure and pose a larger threat to market leader Movistar (Telefonica).

This merger has become something of a marker for measuring regulatory sentiments toward significant European telecom consolidation. Interest in the outcome stretches across the bloc. When EU antitrust regulators momentarily halted investigations into the merger to request additional information, it was generally perceived as the European Commission intending to issue a ‘statement of objections’ to the operators.

Several companies showed an interest in benefitting from any assets Orange and MasMovil relinquished, and according to sources, Digi seems to be the EU Commission’s first choice. If this deal goes through, Digi would acquire mobile spectrum and a consumer unit/brand from both Orange and MasMovil, also gaining access to their infrastructure in Spain based on wholesale terms.

Conversations are reported to be ongoing, with Orange expressing confidence that the merger will receive clearance before the end of the year. Therefore, it seems that both telcos are hopeful of a successful merger while maintaining competitive fidelity within the sector.