Reports have emerged indicating that the US and its allies are persistently working on excluding China from the global technology market. As part of these efforts, the US has launched its ‘Disruptive Technology Strike Force’. This new entity, established to counter malicious nation-states from illicitly acquiring delicate US technology, has already announced its first prosecutions. Out of the five cases, two involve the alleged theft of US software intended for Chinese companies. Another case concerns a Chinese procurement network set up to supply Iran with materials used in weapons of mass destruction.

According to Assistant Attorney General Matthew Olsen of the Justice Department’s National Security Division, these charges showcase the US Justice Department’s commitment to prevent sensitive technology from falling into the hands of foreign adversaries like Russia, China, and Iran. Olsen added that the US government would not tolerate any violations of US laws that would facilitate the use of advanced technology by authoritarian regimes and other hostile nations, threatening national security and undermining democratic values globally.

The creation of the Disruptive Technology Strike Force appears to be a further escalation of the ongoing US battle against the Chinese tech sector and other perceived global threats. However, the friendly fire aspect of this conflict raises concerns, as US operators continue to express their grievances over the collateral damages inflicted on them.

This situation also extends to countries wishing to remain aligned with the US. For instance, both the US and EU have recently pressured Malaysia over the potential inclusion of Huawei in its 5G networks. Furthermore, South Korea is under similar pressure to hinder its leading memory chip makers from selling their products in China. Recent reports indicate that South Korea is attempting to appease the US by preventing its tech workers from joining Chinese companies.

Companies like Volkswagen also face a challenging balancing act when it comes to performing business transactions in China while avoiding potential complications.

Ultimately, the establishment of the Disruptive Technology Strike Force signifies the US’s commitment to containing China within its sphere of influence. As a result, this cycle of costly confrontation will likely persist, with each new circumvention of arbitrary rules responded to by yet another authoritarian initiative from the continually expanding US state.