Hangzhou, a city at the forefront of digital and intelligent development, is embracing the future with the launch of the Dual 10 Gigabit City project. Wang Wensheng, General Manager of China Mobile Hangzhou, announced the initiative under the theme “building a dual 10 gigabit city to enjoy smart Asian Games,” expressing their commitment to transforming Hangzhou into an innovative city in this new era.

The prestigious Dual 10 Gigabit City project brings together powerful industry partners such as Huawei, aiming to expedite the process of industry application incubation and commercialization on a large scale. As part of the project, the partners plan to promote glasses-free 3D evolution, create application benchmarks for the electric power and logistics sectors, and facilitate intelligent connectivity of everything.

The 5.5G technology is the next stage in the development of 5G, offering a tenfold improvement in 5G network capabilities, 10 Gbit/s rates, improved IoT, and integrated sensing and communications. Chinese service providers are at the forefront of establishing the 5.5G ecosystem.

Hangzhou was the first city in China to achieve ubiquitous 5G coverage, with over 65% of all mobile traffic on 5G networks, ranking first in the country. They have also ensured city-wide gigabit optical access with F5G capabilities. China Mobile Hangzhou remains an industry leader in the development of 5G networks, applications, technologies, and ecosystems.

Huawei plays a critical role in helping China Mobile Hangzhou achieve its dual 10 gigabit city vision. The two entities partnered to complete the first 5.5G achieving a peak rate of over 10Gbps earlier this year. In addition to this, they developed glasses-free 3D applications for various devices, allowing a more immersive viewing experience for the Asian Games.

The China Mobile Hangzhou project is not the only one striving towards 5.5G. China Mobile Shanghai has joined forces with Huawei to release the first 5G-A intelligent 10GbE city, propelling Shanghai into the Double 10GbE era. Since initiating dual gigabit network building in 2018, the Chinese operator has already taken the lead in 5G base stations, coverage rate, and gigabit broadband penetration rate.

In summary, the birth of 5.5G technology is revolutionizing industries, and Chinese telcos like China Mobile Hangzhou are setting the standard for innovative use cases that can enhance people’s lives. As the 5G ecosystem advances, it’s crucial for service providers worldwide to follow in their footsteps and accelerate the adoption of 5.5G technology to stay ahead of the curve. These developments will be further highlighted at the upcoming Mobile World Congress Shanghai, taking place June 28-30, 2023, at Shanghai New International Expo Center.