Cloud Group is a Belgian Cloud telecom operator that provides IT solutions and innovative communications platforms for businesses. Founded in 2014 by three business partners, the company has experienced significant growth in recent years and currently serves a large customer base of over 20,000 active users. 


The company’s primary focus is on enhancing the quality of communication services and expanding the reach of its enterprise customers. Cloud Group enables businesses to efficiently migrate from traditional PSTN to modern IP-based telephony in multiple markets. This technology shift allows for improved communications between branches, departments and remote workers within a company.


Belgian base Cloud Group operates in over 30 countries, providing unified communications solutions across multiple geographies. The company’s customer base includes well-known enterprises such as Mediafin (Belgians biggest quality newspaper De Tijd and L’Echo), Ackermans & van Haaren and Leasinvest.


The company offers three major products and services, including Cloud Communications, Cloud Mobile and Cloud Services. Cloud Communications is a cloud VoIP platform, which enables businesses to use IP-phones, web phones, IP DECTs and a CloudCall application for iOS/Android to make quality VoIP Fix calls. The company’s Cloud Mobile solution offers features such as voicemail to email, callback to email, notifications, call forwarding, and the ability to make landline calls via mobile.


One of the key benefits of Cloud Group is their 24/7 customer support, which sets them apart from other cloud communications companies in Belgium. Additionally, the company’s solutions are all developed in-house, ensuring high-quality and reliability, as well as unlimited service options and custom configurations for organizations of any type. This strategy allows the company to tailor its products to the specific needs of each business, with the monthly subscriptions in a sector of mainly multi-year contracts. 


Benefits of leveraging Cloud Group for business communications:

  •     Solutions developed in-house 
  •     Presence in 30+ countries
  •     24/7 customer support
  •     Feature-rich solutions
  •     Improved call flows 
  •     Redundant and stable infrastructure
  •     Improved call quality
  •     MS Teams integration