BT-owned operator EE has recently unveiled a novel integrated platform that it refers to as an “everything app”. This platform, made accessible to everyone via the creation of an EE ID, is designed to serve as a centralised hub for device sales and subscription management, and can be accessed either through the app or online.

This all-inclusive platform allows users to avail themselves of numerous services and products varying from purchasing gaming accessories to trading-in devices. Marc Allera, CEO of EE, highlighted that the EE ID would enable customers to access an array of new products and services from various sectors in a single location. He further added, “We are also evolving the EE brand, while at the same time doubling down on great new connected products, with the launch of the fastest broadband, best value convergence, and exciting new TV services.”

The launch of the app follows BT’s announcement from the previous year, stating that EE would become the “frontline brand for consumer customers”. This is coupled with BT’s transition to being the primary brand for the Enterprise and Global units.

Within the announcement of the app’s launch was news surrounding EE’s forthcoming TV service. This includes the ‘EE TV Box Pro’, a system with multi-room capabilities expected to release in the coming months, along with a TV app for Apple TV.

Besides this, EE has introduced a variety of home broadband and mobile packages, inclusive of their most advanced broadband offering, EE Full Fibre 1.6Gbps. As per EE, it promises to provide the highest speeds and reliability amongst all major UK providers.

Another service released is the ‘WiFi Enhancer’ that enables customers to conveniently prioritise their internet traffic, thus allowing for an improved gaming or work experience. EE broadband customers also get to enjoy the lowest mobile rates amongst all mobile providers.

Paolo Pescatore, an analyst at PP Foresight, pointed out that with the creation of this new marketplace, the new EE will likely end up competing with other retailers, leading to an enhanced selling potential and a seamless experience. He added, “Strategically, this puts the new EE in pole position compared to its traditional telco rivals. This latest revolutionary move represents a radical and fundamental shift in thinking and approach in the way a telco operates.”

During a Q&A session led by CEO Marc Allera and Chief Digital Officer (Consumer) Kevin Lee, Allera emphasized understanding customer needs and segmenting communication, products, and services accordingly. Terms of communication will focus on real customers and real needs. While speaking about the enormous task of consumer security related to EE ID, he also highlighted the company’s collaboration with Microsoft Azure to create a secure authentication framework.

Although EE isn’t explicitly aiming to compete with retail giants like Amazon, it does aspire to be a more customer-relevant brand. The aim is to offer consumers more reasons to stick with EE and strengthen their mutual relationship.

As EE continues to expand its platform and offerings, it sets the pace in the evolving telecommunication landscape. The competition will now be impelled to accelerate their progress to remain in the game within this highly saturated market.