Recent studies published on Tuesday reveal a significant discrepancy in the global costs of mobile data. While American users are facing high costs, with the US ranking 219th out of 237 countries globally, non-US users are often paying far less. The average cost for 1GB of mobile data in the US stands at $6.00 – a figure that puts the US behind most other nations, especially developed ones. Predominantly, the end of the table showcases less developed nations and small island groups.

The US isn’t alone at the higher end of the mobile data costs. Other countries sharing similar standings include South Korea, Canada, New Zealand, and Switzerland with data pricing putting them in 214th, 216th, 218th, and 226th places respectively. It’s important to mention that in the case of Canada, despite consistent customer complaints about high pricing, official standpoints continue to insist market competition to be satisfactory. The highest global average for 1GB of data is in Switzerland at a substantial $7.29.

Meanwhile, Zimbabwe has been identified as the most expensive country for mobile data, where 1GB costs a staggering $43.75 – slightly higher than the Falkland Islands and Saint Helena at over $40.00.

Contrasting this, on the pricing scale’s cheaper end, Israel is currently the world’s least costly market, where 1GB of mobile data is attainable for a mere $0.02. Following closely is Italy at $0.09 due to rigorous market competition fueled by the introduction of aggressive market entrants like Iliad in 2018. Noteworthy too are France at $0.20 and Spain at $0.48.

The UK holds the 58th spot, with 1GB of mobile data costing $0.62 – a situation that some might regard as balanced. However, mobile operators would gladly charge more, while consumers are always looking for a better deal. In most cases, customers are receiving more data for their buck.

According to Dan Howdle, a consumer telecoms analyst at, “Our yearly mobile data pricing tracking study is as much a measure of the quantity of data offered as it is the price of data more broadly.” Interestingly, the overall global trend shows data prices declining, with most countries offering 1GB of mobile data for under $2. This is a stark difference from the scenario seen in 2019.

Significant changes have been observed in the UK since the 2019 report. Back then, the UK ranked 136th in the world, with 1GB of data costing $6.42, and the UK market was considered expensive compared to much of Europe. Now, although some major European economies still have lower prices than the UK, the gap has significantly narrowed.

Interestingly, five years ago, India was the world’s cheapest market, with 1GB of data priced at an average of $0.26. Today, it ranks seventh, with prices having fallen to $0.16. Meanwhile, in the US, data prices have dropped by more than half from $12.37 in 2019, equating to 145% of the global average. Nowadays, the worldwide average price for 1GB of data has fallen to $2.59, and the US data price stands at 232% of that figure.

Going forward, customers may well expect to receive more value for their money.