China Unicom Chongqing and Huawei have successfully completed the world’s first trial commercial use of “Alps-WDM+OSU,” a groundbreaking innovation designed to improve network capabilities and enhance the user experience. This historic event marks a significant step forward in providing higher-quality services to a larger number of industry users.

The innovative Alps-WDM technology boasts several key improvements:

1. Enhanced bandwidth supply capabilities: The bandwidth of integrated access sites has increased from 10 Gbit/s to 100 Gbit/s. This results in multiple areas sharing the bandwidth resource pool, with resources available on demand.

2. Reduced network latency and improved flexible grooming capabilities: One-hop transmission at the optical layer and flexible grooming at the electrical layer bring end-to-end (E2E) latency down to milliseconds.

3. Optimized operations and maintenance (O&M) efficiency, enabling a faster response to market demands: Thanks to Digital Optical Label technology, one-click automatic planning, deployment, and maintenance allows for quicker adaptation to customer requirements.

4. Support for green and low-carbon development: Through architectural and technological innovations, Alps-WDM improves site integration of integrated access equipment rooms, reducing both footprint and power consumption by more than 50%. This enables China Unicom Chongqing to better support green, low-carbon, and high-quality development.

The trial commercial use of Alps-WDM also incorporated OSU technology, which showed that “Alps-WDM+OSU” supports flexible pipe resource scheduling, lower node latency, and intelligent management and control. By doing so, it effectively minimizes costs and improves network service quality. The successful application of “Alps-WDM+OSU” technology paves the way for All-Optical Transport Networks to cater to more industry users with higher-quality services.

Looking ahead, China Unicom Chongqing plans to harness ROADM+OTN as the all-optical transport capacity foundation to connect enterprises, homes, and other scenarios. The integration of “Alps-WDM+OSU” will ensure resources can be obtained on demand, making them available at a single click. This groundbreaking technology will facilitate the development of four premium networks, specifically, the premium 5G network, premium broadband network, premium enterprise network, and premium computing power network. Consequently, network users across various industries and homes will enjoy better services, contributing to the overall advancement of digital construction.