Google is ramping up its generative AI capabilities to enhance its search tool’s ability to decipher complex information often encountered on the internet. In a recent blog post, the tech giant showcased three novel features either already accessible or soon to be introduced in its Search Generative Experience (SGE). Currently in the realm of a Google Labs experiment, SGE integrates AI into the traditional search engine by providing summaries, sources, and follow-up questions related to the search topic.

The first feature on the roster offers a novel approach to grasping search summaries by incorporating definitions of words. In instances where web search results contain unfamiliar terms or concepts, SGE is set to provide AI-generated explanations pertaining to fields like science, history, and economics. After the forthcoming update, users can simply hover over words in the summary to unveil their definitions or access related imagery.

“SGE while browsing” is the next addition, designed to simplify the comprehension of intricate articles and web pages. Upon searching a specific topic, users often encounter lengthy content that can be challenging to digest. This new feature addresses the issue by presenting AI-generated key points for supported articles, accompanied by links pinpointing relevant sections. Furthermore, an “explore” segment generates queries answered by the article, all with links to pertinent sections.

Google has taken precautions to maintain amicable relations with publishers through “SGE while browsing.” The feature solely operates with freely available web articles, excluding paywalled content. Publishers can designate articles as free or paywalled, ensuring select content is included in such searches.

Currently accessible on the Google app for iOS and Android, “SGE while browsing” will soon extend to the desktop version of Chrome.

The final addition caters to programmers. SGE now offers a resource for learning coding with improvements for understanding and debugging generated code. Strings of code in AI-generated summaries will be color-coded, with syntax elements highlighted. This enhancement is aimed at helping programmers easily identify keywords, comments, and strings.

To access these new features, users need to join Google Labs. After enrollment, ensure the latest Chrome version and navigate to the Search Labs page to activate “SGE, generative AI in Search.” As “SGE while browsing” becomes available on Chrome, users can activate it from the same location.