IBM has recently announced the launch of its Quantum Safe portfolio of products at its annual Think conference in Florida. This set of tools is designed to protect data from potential attacks that could be carried out using quantum computing-powered hacks in the future.

As quantum technology continues to advance, it will be able to solve problems that were previously unsolvable, benefiting both businesses and scientific research. However, this progress also brings along security risks. Quantum computers will eventually have the capability to break the most widely used security protocols in the world, leaving organizations vulnerable.

IBM’s Quantum Safe portfolio consists of three new products: the Quantum Safe Explorer, Quantum Safe Advisor, and Quantum Safe Remediator. The Quantum Safe Explorer is designed to allow organizations to view and aggregate potential risks in one central location. The Quantum Safe Advisor offers a dynamic view of cryptographic inventory to guide remediation efforts. Finally, the Quantum Safe Remediator provides an understanding of the potential impacts on systems and assets.

Although the details of these products are quite technical, their overall purpose is to provide a higher level of security against cyber attacks that haven’t yet been fully realized. They are aimed to serve as a safeguard against future threats, much like how current security software operates.

IBM is also introducing a Quantum Safe Roadmap, described as a blueprint for clients to understand critical technology milestones in the development of advanced quantum technology. This roadmap will help organizations navigate the challenges and vulnerabilities that the post-quantum era will present.

Ray Harishankar, IBM Fellow and IBM Quantum Safe Lead, stated, “As a leader in quantum computing, IBM recognizes the importance of comprehensively addressing the critical needs of our clients as they also consider transforming their cryptography for the quantum era. Our new suite of quantum-safe technologies and milestones laid out on our roadmap is designed for the continuous evolution of post-quantum security in tandem with useful quantum computing, including solutions to help industries navigate this shift effectively and easily.”

While IBM is developing quantum computing products for legitimate use, it has also been vocal about the potential downsides of this technology. Other firms, such as LuxQuanta, are also developing products that focus on post-quantum security.

Ultimately, with the advancements in quantum computing, IBM is well-positioned to develop technologies and strategies to counter potential misuse of these powerful systems. By creating quantum-safe tools and solutions, the company can help businesses and organizations better prepare and defend against the emerging security risks that come with this groundbreaking technology.