XConnect, a provider of numbering intelligence solutions, has announced a partnership with IDT Global, the wholesale voice and SMS subsidiary of IDT Corporation. 


The partnership will see IDT Global utilize XConnect’s RealNumber DNO database, which contains over 6 billion local and toll-free numbers in North America, in order to enhance its customers’ voice experience and protect them from fraudulent calls.


The RealNumber DNO contains numbers that should never be used for call origination, assisting in the prevention of telecom fraud on known inbound-only and invalid numbers. By accessing the RealNumber DNO, IDT Global will be able to identify invalid calls and increase the quality of its traffic. This database is updated daily and includes North American toll/local and toll-free lines, providing IDT Global with a complete and trustworthy additional layer of defense in its role as a gateway operator.


The collaboration also further expands XConnect’s optimization of IDT Global’s SMS messaging business using global number intelligence, including its Mobile Number Portability (MNP) data. IDT Global has over 30 years of experience in the voice industry and provides flexible global termination for more than 1000 direct routes. 


“Fraudsters are constantly adapting their schemes to target telephone users. Spoofing and illegal robocalling are increasingly commonplace as robocallers mimic numbers from legitimate organizations. To protect our customers and the public, we rely on XConnect’s DNO data. Their data helps us to reduce the risk of illegal robocalling to create a better experience and reduce risks for our customers,” said Peter Broes, Director of Product Development at IDT Global.


Tim Ward, VP Number Information Services at XConnect, commented: “By accessing our accurate and up-to-date DNO list, IDT Global can identify and block calls that originate from invalid, unallocated and unused numbers. “


This collaboration will enable IDT Global to further enhance its customers’ voice experiences by offering improved protection against fraudulent calls. Furthermore, IDT Global will be able to identify illegitimate calls, improve traffic quality, minimize robocalling, raise call answer rates, and securely route traffic.