NEC Corporation and Celonis SE have solidified their collaboration by entering into an expanded strategic partnership, marking NEC’s elevation to the highest echelon, the “Platinum Partner,” in Celonis’ certification program. Commencing their joint efforts in May 2022, NEC and Celonis initiated their association to gain operational insights and enhance business processes. The multinational IT and electronics giant, NEC, strategically established Centers of Excellence, achieving process optimization milestones in key domains like order-to-cash and procurement. As a result of meticulous operational surveillance, swift issue identification, and proactive remedies, NEC has already reaped a productivity surge of ¥200 million.

The impending trajectory will see NEC intensify its commitment to refining supply chain management through the integration of advanced artificial intelligence technologies. In an overarching accord, the two companies are poised to merge their capabilities to advance Celonis’ preeminent process mining technology, assimilating it into the NEC Digital Platform—a transformative DX offering from NEC. The envisioned synergy extends to the provisioning of process mining services bearing the NEC imprimatur. A framework for seamless product integration will be cultivated through joint connector development and an evolved governance structure, buoyed by comprehensive training offered by Celonis, ultimately bolstering NEC’s delivery ecosystem.

The paramount impact of this collaboration transcends immediate benefits. NEC’s strategic deployment of Celonis products and services will underpin NEC’s DX aspirations, fostering knowledge accumulation and spawning innovative endeavors that harmonize with NEC’s rich assets in biometric authentication, AI, IoT, and security. This alliance galvanizes NEC’s mission to expedite digital transformation and facilitate data-centric management paradigms for a diverse clientele.

According to Bastian Nominacher, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Celonis, “NEC and Celonis’ strategic partnership empowers Japanese businesses with bespoke solutions, optimizing their operational dynamics. This potent alignment promises significant cost efficiencies, amplified productivity, and a more sustainable operational footprint.”

Toshifumi Yoshizaki, Corporate Executive Vice President and CDO of NEC Corporation, remarked on the growing significance of process mining, stating, “As process mining gains traction in business process analysis, its growth trajectory becomes unmistakable. NEC’s collaboration with Celonis is strategically poised to offer data-driven business enhancement solutions, synthesizing the strengths of both entities to enhance customer value. Our steadfast consultation approach, enriched by NEC’s in-house business process elevation case studies, will continue to propel our customers’ transformation journeys.”

The NEC-Celonis partnership remains a beacon of transformative synergy, primed to reshape business paradigms through innovative technological convergence and strategic acumen.