Neos Networks, a premium connectivity provider in the UK, has announced an expansion in its data centre estate, with the addition of two pivotal UK data centres to its extensive fibre network. This strategic move narrows the gap on Neos Networks’ goal of achieving 100 on-net data centres, consequently allowing an increased number of businesses to leverage their robust infrastructure.

The Equinix MA5 data centre in Manchester, the first of these, is now operational, and Neos Networks is among the pioneers to offer services from this location. The second data centre, Telehouse South (THS) in London, expected to become the largest facility offered by Telehouse, is slated to come on-net in the upcoming months.

Both these data centres will be connected diversely with fibre and enabled for 100 Gbps, offering UK-based businesses secure, reliable, and high-capacity connectivity services to meet their business requirements. In addition to being strategically located in Greater Manchester, the Equinix MA5 data centre is expected to have a tremendous influence on Manchester’s fast-growing technology scene with its superior security services.

“As the gateway to the North, the Equinix MA5 data centre will also serve as an attractive interconnection hub offering remote geo-redundancy for the UK’s capital”, says Matt Rees, Chief Technology Officer at Neos Networks. THS, on the other hand, will likely experience a surge in connectivity demands due to its proximity to Telehouse North and Telehouse North Two sites, where Neos Networks continues to face high demand for connectivity services.

Rees further adds, “We continue to bolster our data centre offerings and extend our network range to provide essential, core connectivity to more UK businesses. The two additions will significantly aid in supporting the growth of the UK’s two prime cities.”

Another aspect benefitting the UK’s technology leadership and digital services innovation is the availability of scalable and reliable connectivity. Rees emphasizes this by remarking, “In Manchester, which is at the heart of the UK’s digital tech scene, this is especially critical. We understand the impact of providing the right connectivity solutions on fostering conducive environments for UK businesses to prosper.”

The services at these new locations will be on offer via the company’s LIVEQUOTE portal. This platform provides potential and existing customers with a price comparison, quoting, and ordering service that pits its network against leading third-party offerings. Apart from selling directly to businesses, Neos Networks also retails its services via a network of partners and resellers.