Leading tech research institution Omdia, a division of Informa Tech, has introduced the Channel Partner Strategies Intelligence Service, a market research solution tailored to channel-oriented vendors and tech suppliers. This innovative service aims to expedite growth and provide a comprehensive understanding of the pivotal trends influencing the tech domain. With a special emphasis on the changing technology consumption landscape due to the evolution of managed services, the service also delivers insights into emerging solution providers.

The announcement of the Channel Partner Strategies Intelligence Service took place in May at the 2023 Channel Partners Conference & Expo. Developed by the Omdia Channel Research and consulting team, headed by Principal Analyst Devan Adams and Principal Consultant Debbie Kane, this service offers tech vendors and suppliers expert analysis, channel research, and actionable insights into key market trends and strategies steering the dynamic channel ecosystem.

The initial two prominent reports currently accessible are the “Managed Service Provider (MSP) 501 Survey Insights – 2023” and the “Fastest-Growing Managed Service Providers (MSPs) Survey Insights – 2023.”

The “Managed Service Provider (MSP) 501 Survey Insights – 2023” report dissects outcomes from the Informa Tech Channel Futures MSP 501 survey, the most extensive global survey and ranking of MSPs in the industry. The report unveils essential insights into revenue-generating services, technology adoption, market segments, managed service offerings, customer sectors, and M&A activities. Notably, this report introduces a novel perspective on the profitability of the managed services market.

Key findings encompass:

Demonstrated channel resilience: Despite economic challenges, such as workforce turnover and inflation, average total revenue growth surged significantly. MSPs capitalizing on increased co-managed and complete outsourcing efforts by business clients to reduce operating expenses played a role in this growth.

Profitability in managed services: The report showcases the well-being of the managed services sphere by analyzing profitability data submitted by this year’s applicants.

The “Fastest-Growing Managed Service Providers (MSPs) Survey Insights – 2023” delves into data obtained from the NextGen 101, rapidly expanding businesses poised to enter the Channel Futures MSP 501 ranking. This report offers market insights from the perspective of fast-growing partner firms primarily owned by a younger generation, exemplifying the future of the channel.

Key insights feature:

Elevated significance of managed security: Managed security services have gained paramount importance, ranking as a leading revenue-generating service and growth avenue. The surge in threats like cyberattacks and data breaches has positioned managed security services as indispensable offerings.

The Channel Partner Strategies Intelligence Service will unveil more content later this year, with the inaugural “Quarterly Market Outlook Survey Insights” report scheduled for release by end of September.