As the Ultra-Broadband Forum 2023 (UBBF 2023) kicks off in Dubai, key players from the ultra-broadband industry gathered to release the compelling 10 Gbps City Initiative. The initiative, unveiled by the United Arab Emirates Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA), Omdia, etisalat by e&, MTN South Africa, Huawei, and others, advocates for constructing fully connected 10 Gbps cities. The goal is to leverage this tremendous network capacity to catalyze digital and intelligent transformation across various sectors, enhance digital productivity, and provide an unparalleled, ubiquitous network experience.

Participants underlined the role of governments in supercharging the move to construct ultra-broadband infrastructure. Eng. Saif Bin Ghelaita, Executive Director for Technology Development Affairs of the TDRA, articulated his vision, stating, “governments should play a leading role in the construction of ultra-broadband infrastructure to ensure inclusive and universal digital services and bridge digital divides in the intelligent world.” His words underscore the power of policy in propelling 10 Gbps city pilots forward.

This concept of the 10 Gbps City is not just a term, but a new model for infrastructural development. Richard Mahony, Vice President of Omdia, sees this bandwidth-dependent city as pivotal to executing national digital strategies and growing the digital economy. The construction envisages delivering a lightning-fast 10 Gbps to every segment – individuals, homes, enterprises, and campuses. It also implies integrating 400GE/800GE converged transport networks and AI DCNs tied with the four 10 Gbps access scenarios.

Worldwide, cities are strategizing towards a 2030 digital economy blueprint. Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Riyadh are at the forefront of this endeavour, eager to transform into a 10 Gbps City and 10 Gbps Society. Such momentum propels the digital economy towards new heights, underpinning the transformative power of telecommunication breakthroughs on the horizon.