In an exciting development, Spanish telecommunications service provider lyntia and the AI start-up Vyntelligence have joined forces to revolutionize Spain’s fibre network deployment processes, with a focus on enhancing customer experience, service quality, and network resilience. This move showcases the continuous push for digitalisation and innovation within the sphere of telecommunication services.

The collaborative platform designed by both entities serves as a hub for dialogue and interaction between lyntia, its fibre deployment partners, auditors, and contractors. The end-result of this collaboration is an uplifted customer experience, featuring accelerated delivery and high-quality standards of service.

Significant progress has already been made, with quality control processes for customers awaiting new broadband connections being expedited by 33%. Such strides in innovation reiterate lyntia’s commitment to bolstering coverage in Spain and its eagerness to adopt the tools of digitalisation.

The CEO of Lyntia Networks, José Antonio López, praised the collaboration, saying “Our partnership with Vyntelligence marks a significant step in our commitment to provide a reliable and next-gen optical fibre network. Together, we are reshaping the fibre connectivity landscape, offering innovative solutions to our clients.”

Vyntelligence CEO Kapil Singhal echoed this sentiment, expressing his delight at partnering with Lyntia Networks, and highlighted the tangible results brought about by a joint commitment to change and active collaboration.

One such tangible result comes in the form of Vyntelligence’s SmartVideoNotes® Remote Assurance solution – a tool that allows for installation approval in less than 24 hours, hence accelerating the installation process. Additionally, this solution has catalyzed a 200% increase in remote audit coverage, thus enhancing the quality and resilience of the network.

To provide a broader perspective, Lyntia Networks is a prominent operator in the wholesale telecommunications market, with an impressively extensive fibre network. The network spans approximately 44,000 km, encapsulating major cities and over 3,200 towns, and even extends to the main data centers and docking points for the Peninsula’s submarine cables.

With their enticing package of innovative solutions, a commitment to change, and nimble collaborations, it’s no wonder Vyntelligence is making waves in the industry. Ranking in the top 25 in the 2021 Deloitte Technology Fast 50 UK list and boasting a wide portfolio of global energy, telecom, and utilities customers, their future potential seems limitless.

Together, Lyntia Networks and Vyntelligence are ushering in a new era of reform in the telecom industry, proving that innovation and collaboration can bring about revolutionary changes in customer experience and service quality. Only time will tell what groundbreaking solutions they will introduce next.