Universal Communication as a Service, or UCaaS, should be a consideration for every business’s essential infrastructure and long-term communications plan. Over the past few years, these systems have grown in demand within the SMB community, which also helps explain their rising importance in every MSP’s services portfolio.

UCaaS allows providers to not only increase their sales revenue and wallet share but increase client satisfaction and loyalty while strengthening their branding. Sounds like a business enhancement opportunity for well-prepared MSPs. The main features of UCaaS include voice, video conferencing, messaging, file sharing, team chat and collaboration, and all one-to-one, one-to-many, or many-to-many communications. While numerous individual and integrated solutions are available to the channel, many remain on-premise-based and are far more expensive and cumbersome than necessary. 

Simply put, MSPs can save a lot of money and time by switching traditional applications to a virtual UCaaS alternative. Cloud-based means no hardware requirements with little to run/manage/control/troubleshoot. Operational costs typically drop as equipment and real estate needs decrease, and on the MSP side, implementations are easier and faster (even when supporting remote and hybrid workforces. 

UCaaS Provides a Win-Win Opportunity 

These solutions simplify and enhance the IT ecosystem and end-user experience for businesses. MSPs earn fair margins and can manage all aspects of design, testing, implementation, first-line maintenance, training and support.  

After the initial installation, it’s relatively easy for businesses to add new lines and extensions. For MSPs, UCaaS creates a number of steps disguised as opportunities that can boost revenue and services value, including:

  1. Conduct assessments. MSPs may find many clients needing upgrades to their current communications ecosystems, from eliminating costly traditional phone lines and server-based VoIP systems to replacing dated solutions and employee-controlled mobile devices. Identifying clients’ and end-users’ various needs help MSPs pitch better options and grow their sales.
  1. Architect new solution options. Emphasize the value of working with a channel-focused vendor that can support the diverse needs of SMBs, especially those with WFH/hybrid workforces. MSP-specific integrations that allow providers to automate and manage multiple customers’ systems from one dashboard are particularly valuable.     
  1. Procure and schedule. Build timelines for configuration and implementation that work best with end-users’ schedules. The strongest commitments begin with mutual respect (and solid planning). 
  1. Implement. All eyes are typically focused on UCaaS projects. To ensure the smoothest integration, MSPs should ensure their key supporters are on hand, or at least in the know, and walk them step by step through the process. Partnering with vendors that provide top-notch channel support (triaging problems providers may encounter along the way) is crucial to success. 
  1. Test. The best way to ensure success with a new UCaaS system is by rolling it out to a small group to work out the kinks before scaling it to every end-user. This is a good way to establish adoption and elevate awareness of all the functionality while uncovering new ways to increase MRR with that client. 
  1. Train. This service may run concurrently with or preceding testing and must entail comprehensive instruction to maximize the user experience. One-time sessions will never provide the foundation employees truly need to embrace and fully adopt UCaaS solutions. The MSP’s commitment must ensure these communications systems become integral to their clients’ businesses.  
  1. Support. Ensuring that every end-user, including those in WFH and hybrid settings, understands the power of UCaaS is essential to their long-term success. Working with communications vendors that give MSPs flexible support capabilities is just as critical, augmenting skillsets, personnel and helpdesk options. 

Execute the Plan

How can IT services firms successfully introduce and sell UCaaS to existing and prospective clients? The best way to cash in on these highly-profitable, monthly reoccurring revenue streams is by committing to a simple but effective communications business plan. Start by crafting short email messaging campaigns outlining all the great benefits of UCaaS for SMBs. 

Those communications should request a short assessment of their current systems and a follow-up conversation to review the results and options. Customize two campaigns: one to target current business concerns and system gaps with existing customers and the other towards potentially receptive prospects to highlight ways UCaaS could boost their sales, efficiency and other organizational goals. MSPs typically track the results of these lead-generation programs in their marketing, sales or PSA applications. 

Channel-centric vendors like ConnectMeVoice by Cloudli can aid in those efforts. From a white-label UCaaS offering to a host of partner-oriented resources, our goal is to turn MSPs into communications specialists without huge financial investments. 

We make it easy for providers to sell, implement and support these critical applications seamlessly. ConnectMeVoice by Cloudli provides an MSP-centric UCaaS solution with a comprehensive suite of industry-valued integrations and support options. Check out all our valued partner resources and let us know how we can help.