The premium hardware manufacturer’s new series of IP phones has been specially designed to meet the needs of an industry that relies on convenience, innovation and good design to stand out from the competition.

Snom Technology, the globally established telecommunications hardware brand, has been providing the high-end hotel industry with premium handsets for years.

These devices are widely regarded as an enormous asset to the industry, since hotel rooms still need to feature a telephone in order to win stars. Despite this, not every hotel wants sophisticated business phones in its guest rooms, as only a minority of people will need to use all the device’s functions.

On the other hand, in the hospitality industry, features like cleanability, customisation and a legible design are paramount. Data protection is another must for devices in the hospitality industry, because the call list of the previous guest should not be accessible to third parties.

The telecommunications pioneer is now targeting the industry with a new series of IP devices that have been specially developed with and the needs of hotels, youth hostels and hospitality businesses in mind.

Convenient state-of-the-art room telephones

From speed dial keys for the most important functions (reception, alarm clock, reservation, emergency call, etc.) to its wide range of operating options (whether it’s pure IP/DECT over IP or Wi-Fi), Snom’s new devices offer the hospitality industry a reliable telecommunications solution that doesn’t compromise on style. All models feature an antibacterial surface to protect against germs, as well as a sleek and clean design that fits into any room. All models in the series feature technology that is to be expected from Snom’s state-of-the-art hardware, with a speakerphone, mute button, hold button, and crystal-clear sound quality. The manufacturer also provides a three-year warranty on all devices of the new HD and HM series.

The indispensable

The new HD100 and HD101 models easily fit into any hospitality setting with their attractive design. Calls and waiting messages are indicated on the display, and thanks to the PoE power supply, no additional power point is required in the room. Both devices can be individually labelled – the HD100 on the station, the HD101 on the handset.

The HD101 is a state-of-the-art DECT over IP device with a cordless handset for maximum freedom of movement. Its integrated DECT base offers a signal range of up to 50 m and supports up to three Snom HD1 DECT handsets, which is essential within larger buildings.

The versatile

The HD350W and HD351W models are state-of-the-art Wi-Fi desk phones with a user-friendly control panel for function keys, as well as a stylish keypad. Both devices offer all the functionalities of the entry-level models mentioned above, including the means to operate the phone via PoE. Like the HD101, the HD351W also features an integrated DECT base station, as well as a cordless handset that can support five other Snom HD3 handsets.

The mobile

With the HM201 and the HM2 devices, the manufacturer offers a complete solution consisting of a DECT base station for up to four guest telephones (which could be used in the bedroom, foyer, salon and bathroom, for example) with wireless DECT-over-IP technology for maximum freedom of movement. The phone can be customised with the hotel insignia via the display, and the modern, elegant design and large colour display make these a stylish addition to any room.

“With these innovative solutions, we are setting new standards in the hotel and hospitality industry. Our devices enable all types of hotel to also offer their guests the best equipment in this area – all at a fair price point.” says Jan Boguslawski, Technical Product Manager at Snom.

About Snom

With over 10 million installed devices and branches in Benelux, England, France, Italy, Russia, Spain, and South Africa, Snom Technology is a globally recognized manufacturer of IP telecommunications solutions for professional use. Founded in 1997 and part of the VTech Group since 2016, the company continues to design and develop its products in Berlin, placing great emphasis on quality and security. Snom leverages its 25 years of experience and unwavering innovation to meet the new reality characterized by mobility and increasing digitization, providing state-of-the-art technologies that adapt perfectly to all communication needs and environments.

The company’s worldwide distribution network includes many renowned distributors and over 10,000 resellers. These partners benefit from a dedicated partner program and personalized remote and on-site support services, which, in addition to the excellent technology, contribute to the company’s international reputation.

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