Starlink, SpaceX’s satellite internet service, is developing a service offering named Global Roaming Service. This service would allow customers to access the Internet from practically anyplace on Earth. The service will cost $200 each month in addition to the $599 Starlink Kit, according to a statement addressed to Starlink subscribers.


Starlink employs inter-satellite connections, or space lasers, to enable global connectivity. As such, users can expect the service to be interrupted with brief periods of weak or no connectivity. Despite the promise of access to the internet almost everywhere, Starlink is still awaiting regulatory clearance in numerous countries, including India, Pakistan, and Cambodia.


The current $135 a month Starlink RV plan allows users to equip their RVs with Starlink’s hardware for internet connection while traveling. However, it is only available in specific regions of the world, and internet connectivity is not prioritized as it is for residential customers. The $25 a month Portability add-on for residential customers allows users to take their Starlink kit with them only inside their home continent, and requires them to change their permanent address if they spend a prolonged length of time away from home.


Starlink promotes the Global Roaming package as a more flexible method to travel the world while enjoying satellite internet. Customers may halt the service at any moment, although it’s unclear whether Starlink will provide consumers who sign up for the plan with priority internet access. Users outside the United States are responsible for acting as the Starlink Kit’s Importer of Record. This means they must ensure the kit conforms to local laws and regulations, as well as pay customs fees and import taxes. Notwithstanding these limits, the Global Roaming service has the potential to be a game changer for travelers who require constant internet access. This is especially true in rural areas where terrestrial internet connections are unavailable.