Identifying new customers and generating revenue through sales prospecting is an essential part of business growth. Yet, it can be a challenging task that involves identifying the right prospects, determining the most effective strategy to connect with potential clients, and maintaining multiple channels of contact.


To address these challenges, Ringover, a VoIP phone provider, has introduced Cadence, a multi-channel sales prospecting solution that helps small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) streamline their sales procedures and improve the effectiveness of their teams.

Empowering sales teams with Cadence

With Cadence, sales teams can create customized communication sequences for each type of prospect, such as calls, emails, SMS and LinkedIn messages. This approach allows sales personnel to communicate with clients across numerous channels, increasing the likelihood of a successful connection.


Ringover’s sales prospecting tool was built by sales teams for sales teams in order to streamline the entire process of finding new customers. This solution saves time by automating processes and guiding agents through their tasks, highlighting what needs to be done to convert prospects. This process enables sales teams to focus more on interacting with customers and less on administrative duties, thereby improving efficiency and productivity.


Moreover, Cadence makes it easier for sales teams to manage their sales procedures, as the solution helps identify the most effective approach to reaching prospects. The tool allows teams to track progress at each stage of the sales process, from lead generation to customer onboarding. This makes it easier to identify and address problems quickly, as well as ensure that all prospects receive the same comprehensive level of attention and customer service. 

Benefits of using Cadence for sales prospecting:

  • Multi-channel communication options for engaging with prospects
  •  Automation of the sales prospecting process
  •  Improved team performance
  • Simple interface for managing prospects and communications
  • Monitoring team performance through the platform
  • Improved sales management
  • Increased success rates
  • Personalized communication sequences