Data centers, often regarded as the digital heart of every business, are crucial for data flow, security, and energy efficiency. In a recent development, Norway’s leading telecom operator, Telenor, has joined forces with Hafslund, HitecVision, and Analysys Mason to establish the country’s most secure commercial data center operator. The partnership aims to focus on sustainable solutions and meet the expectations of customers looking for secure and energy-efficient locations for critical data storage.

Sigve Brekke, CEO of Telenor, shares his thoughts on the partnership, “Together with Hafslund and partners, we will now establish Norway’s most secure commercial data center operator, with a strong focus on sustainable solutions.” The collaboration brings together a unique combination of expertise from Telenor, Hafslund, HitecVision, and Analysys Mason, providing comprehensive solutions in a progressively digital society.

Brekke further emphasized the importance of the partnership, stating, “By creating this company, we are facilitating that sensitive data across sectors is stored and delivered safely on Norwegian soil.” The collaboration focuses on addressing the concerns of Norwegian security authorities who have requested the establishment of data centers and cloud services for sensitive information and infrastructures critical to national security.

The investment will catalyze the establishment of additional Norwegian data centers and enhance the chances of digital services being produced within the country. Consequently, this will result in better national control and safeguarding of societal functions. Telenor (31.7%), Hafslund (31.7%), HitecVision (31.7%), and Analysys Mason (5.0%) collectively own the newly-formed company.

The company, in partnership with Telenor and Hafslund, aims to be a leading player in colocation data centers with efficient energy consumption and high-security requirements. The goal is to construct three data centers with a combined capacity of 40 MW in the capital region, providing colocation facilities for numerous tenants. Telenor Norway will deploy its infrastructure to meet strict security requirements, and the first data center in Oslo is expected to be operational by the end of 2023.

This innovative venture is set to build and operate safe, energy-efficient data centers with robust and reliable owners. By providing cutting-edge data center facilities, businesses will be able to move their servers and critical IT infrastructure from traditional basements to more sustainable setups. Notably, the company has also planned to design data centers in collaboration with Norway’s largest district heating supplier, Hafslund Oslo Celsio, ensuring effective reuse of excess heat and contributing to a circular economy in the Oslo municipality.

Finn Bjørn Ruyter, CEO of Hafslund, emphasized the significance of these data centers for Norway’s green transformation and digitalization. He stated, “With solutions to reuse excess heat, the data centers will free up power consumption for heating and thus provide energy-efficient solutions necessary to reach Oslo’s and Norway’s climate goals.”