T-Mobile has engaged in a marketing campaign called “Make Xfinity Your Ex” that aims to convince Comcast Xfinity customers to switch to T-Mobile’s fixed wireless access (FWA) 5G Home and Business Internet service.


As part of the campaign, a T-Mobile billboard truck has been driving circles around Comcast’s headquarters in Philadelphia for 25 hours, playing a video that highlights Comcast’s price hikes over the years.


 In addition to the billboard truck, T-Mobile is offering its FWA 5G service for $25 per month, not including taxes and fees, with a qualifying voice line for a limited time, and is giving Comcast Xfinity customers up to $750 to break their contracts.


The campaign is a direct attack on Comcast, which is set to raise prices on its TV and internet services, with an average rate increase of 3.8% for customers nationwide starting December 20. This follows a rate hike of 3% in December 2021. 


One of the reasons behind T-Mobile’s interest in home internet is a condition of its acquisition of Sprint. In exchange for reducing wireless carrier competition, T-Mobile promised the FCC that it would offer inexpensive wireless internet to half of the US population by 2025. T-Mobile has also cited the home internet as a successful tool in attracting new customers and increasing its average revenue per account. The company currently has over 2 million home internet customers but hopes to have 7 to 8 million subscribers by 2025.