In the business world, speed and efficiency drive success. Achieving high-margin sales while minimizing expenses creates a healthy bottom line and provides the organization with capital to hire new people and expand operations. Great accomplishments tend to fuel even more success. 

That’s one of the main goals of the sales team. Building on success with bigger and more profitable prospective contracts feeds the machine – allowing business leaders to refine and achieve virtually every other organizational objective. Without constant revenue growth, companies lose momentum and start missing critical goals, which can initiate periods of stagnation or even decline if not properly addressed.

Sales teams need support and tools to nurture and fuel positive momentum. That reality creates big opportunities for MSPs, who can empower these teams with the right mix of apps, training, and assistance to make their jobs easier and more productive. From configuring customer Relationship Management (CRM) and quoting platforms to implementing productivity tools like electronic signature and interactive calendar solutions, IT pros are true sales enablers.

These options can be real “door openers” for MSPs. Many companies are more receptive to new solutions and ideas with all the changes in technologies and the workplace. Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) should be at the top of that list of business-enablement options. 

Empowers Remote and Hybrid Workers

If the past two and a half years have taught sales leaders anything, it’s that they can hire the best of the best, no matter where they physically reside. Location no longer has to be a limiting factor when recruiting or retaining top talent. UCaaS allows sales teams to collaborate closely with co-workers and prospects, and a host of other professionals to close new contracts successfully. 

With a wide range of voice, video, file sharing and other business capabilities, UCaaS can streamline and organize essential communications when properly configured and integrated. These cloud services allow sales teams to collaborate and share information from virtually anywhere they have an internet connection. 

UCaaS provides voice and video calling options for hosting love meetings and expediting key conversations. Sales professionals can instantly leverage these platforms to share documents and chat with co-workers and clients. Whether working from an office in the company’s headquarters, home basements, or hotel rooms in faraway locations, connecting can be quick and easy, as well as productive.

Those efficiencies can help your clients speed up their sales cycles and generate more revenue. Improving the lead-to-close process reduces the time required to collect payment and boosts cash flow. 

A Cost-Effective Option  

Return on investment is critical when pitching solutions to department heads, including sales team leaders. The many benefits of UCaaS make it easier for MSPs to gain the confidence of those potential advocates and leverage that support to educate other executives to close the deal successfully. Replacing dated phone systems with the latest communications platforms is cost-effective and business-critical in this era of fast information-sharing.

Saving money while increasing capabilities should be a “no-brainer.” Cloud-based UCaaS solutions deliver cost savings of anywhere from 25% to 50% over traditional phone services, especially considering the added functionality and efficiency gains.

Emphasizing the features that greatly benefit sales teams, like video and chat capabilities and CRM and other critical system integrations, is a sure way to capture their interest and support. The value and flexibility of these cloud-based solutions should seal the deal.   

Leveling the Playing Field for Sales Teams

UCaaS is an equalizer. Small businesses can project larger with these systems in place, and key integrations properly enabled and configured, with adaptable answering and call-routing capabilities and other “enterprise” options. Sales teams can respond faster with near-instant access to account information through their CRMs and maximize the use of critical face-to-face time with prospects.

Those capabilities facilitate success. Data and real-time communications are the fuel sales teams need to close larger deals in less time than with past systems and practices. Of course, those UCaaS benefits are not limited to a single department: the same features and efficiencies can help virtually every employee in an organization.

From account managers and executive team members to marketing, everyone who needs to communicate with customers and business partners will appreciate the capabilities of these systems. 

While MSPs often struggle to find those “door openers” to engage prospective clients, focusing those efforts on a company’s sales department can be quite effective. Turning those professionals into advocates may be the easiest route to driving new UCaaS implementations and landing lucrative new contracts.