Independent broadband provider Truespeed has reported an impressive start to 2023, with a 25% increase in its footprint during the first five months. The Bath-based full-fibre provider now offers ultrafast broadband to 75,000 properties, reflecting a 364% growth compared to the same period last year. The company’s expansion results from an additional £6 million investment in Bath, which provides coverage to properties in Batheaston, Bathampton, and Bathford, as well as prominent landmarks such as Pulteney Road and Henrietta Park.

In addition to Bath, Truespeed has also expanded its coverage to rural and semi-urban towns and villages across Somerset and Wiltshire, through a £24 million investment. Now, 27,500 properties across Frome, Faulkland, Trowbridge, Mark, Woolavington, and Walton have access to the company’s ultrafast broadband. This expansion has contributed to Truespeed connecting over 15,000 customers across the region, a 15% increase, and employing 270 local team members.

The significant growth has been possible due to the company’s investment in full-fibre infrastructure in the region, as Truespeed continues to build and own its proprietary network. This strategy offers customers an independent local alternative to big household-name broadband providers.

This network’s expansion has led to Truespeed ranking 53rd in the ORESA Growth Index, which lists the top 100 fastest-growing businesses in the UK. These milestones put the company on track to meet its ambitious goals of doubling its network footprint and customer numbers in 2023.

Truespeed’s CEO, James Lowther, commented on the company’s focus since its inception in 2014: “Our focus has been on providing local people with a network they can trust. The South West is one of the UK’s most underserved regions for broadband, and we are on a mission to bridge the digital divide and deliver high-quality, reliable broadband at affordable pricing to communities across the region.”

Truespeed is not just focused on business growth; it also demonstrates commitment to the region by connecting community organizations for free. The company has recently connected its 150th organization, St. Benedict’s Junior School in Glastonbury, as part of its ‘free broadband for life’ promise.

In addition to its commendable business growth, Truespeed is characterized by its commitment to the community and focus on customer satisfaction. The company offers broadband packages starting from 150 Mbps and guaranteed speeds as fast as 900 Mbps, significantly higher than the UK’s average home internet speed of 60 Mbps. The full-fibre broadband isn’t just about speed: its reliability, consistent upload and download speeds, and greater capacity make it more suitable for handling multiple connected devices simultaneously.

Truespeed’s ultrafast broadband services now cater to over 75,000 homes across the South West, totaling an investment of £134 million. Local residents and businesses in several areas can now benefit from full-fibre broadband. The company also designs custom connectivity solutions for large businesses and enterprises, including well-known companies like Thatchers, Yeo Valley, and Charlie Bigham’s.

CEO James Lowther will be speaking at Connected Britain in London this September, providing more insights into the successes, strategies, and future plans of Truespeed.