Unified Office, a managed service company that provides cloud-based business communications services, has announced the availability of its new Alexa-powered AI-based Performance Notifications Suite. The suite incorporates Alexa-powered communications into Unified Office’s AI-based notifications platform, allowing clients to receive mission-critical notifications through Alexa-enabled products.


The AI-based alerts platform from Unified Office is designed to provide organizations with enhanced visibility and convenience, allowing them to respond faster to events that may harm their business. The platform employs the latest advances in linear regression methods, predictive analytics and AI. 


The new Alexa-powered AI-based Performance Notifications Suite allows hotels to alert personnel with information such as how many guests are checking in or out, ordering room service, leaving early, and more. Restaurant owners may be provided with trend information and be informed of after-hours events.


The suite works in conjunction with Unified Office’s Complete Connect Now business communications platform and provides a variety of features such as integration with major customer management software and ERP systems. It also connects to a centralized operations site to allow remote viewing, configuration and management of communications services. Furthermore, this solution provides service continuity, allowing employees to carry their offices home with them, as well as supporting real-time data for customer service training and coaching.


Ray Pasquale, Founder & CEO of Unified Office, said: “The convenience of receiving Alexa notifications beyond receiving packages and smart home integrations has now been integrated into our Total Connect Now premium AI-based notifications product platform. This offering now provides for the timely delivery of mission critical notifications via Alexa-based products creating increased visibility and convenience for our customers, allowing them to react quicker to serious issues that might impact their business.”


The Alexa-powered AI-based Performance Notifications Suite from Unified Office is another illustration of the potential voice-assisted technology can offer.