The industry’s pre-eminent FTTR solution from Huawei took the crown for the Most Innovative PON/5G/FTTx Product Award, an announcement made at the coveted European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC) recently held in Glasgow, UK.

This pioneering solution from Huawei caters to home, small, and micro-enterprise needs. Including features such as ultra-high bandwidth, ultra-low latency, seamless Wi-Fi roaming, and intelligent self-management, it has found favour with broadband users and operators globally. As a testament to its efficiency and capabilities, more than 90 provincial operators in China have incorporated Huawei FTTR in their commercial packages, while it’s being commercially used or piloted by over 30 operators outside China.

Huawei FTTR embraces the point-to-multipoint (P2MP) all-optical networking architecture to provide ultra-gigabit Wi-Fi networks to broadband users. This all-optical base for smart homes, known as Huawei FTTR OptiXstar F30, supports a 2000 Mbps Wi-Fi with capability for 17 Wi-Fi 6 hotspots and concurrent connections of up to 128 smart devices. Catering to SME scenarios, the Huawei FTTR OptiXstar B30 extends ultra-gigabit networks to every corner of enterprises with its 32 Wi-Fi 6 hotspots and up to 300 concurrent terminals.

Further supporting swift deployment, the FTTR solution includes a three-in-one fiber installation kit with unique self-adhesive transparent optical fibers. This not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also provides efficiency with each hotspot deployable within a span of 20 minutes. The LinkHome app, an additional feature, aids automatic network optimisation, self-evaluation, and parental control.

In comparison with traditional solutions, Huawei’s FTTR has proven effective in reducing broadband complaints by 65%, highlighting its operational excellence. Analyst firm IDATE estimates the number of FTTR home users worldwide to rise to 22 million by 2025 end.

China’s National Bureau of Statistics reveals that there are 52 million registered SMEs in the country, underlining an enormous market potential. Huawei’s focus on innovation remains undeterred as it prepares to support cloud NAS, XR, and security protection services, reinforcing a robust all-optical base for homes and SMEs.