NUSO, a global communication-focused software as a service (SaaS) company, has become a Cloud Peering Partner for Zoom Phone on Zoom’s Provider Exchange. This means that Zoom customers may now connect to the PSTN using NUSO’s carrier phone, allowing organizations of all sizes to enjoy a smooth and secure communication experience.

The partnership combines Zoom’s cutting-edge Cloud Phone System with NUSO’s unrivaled customer service and security to deliver an efficient, trustworthy, and secure communication solution. NUSO’s real-time service provisioning enables faster and more dependable client experiences, and incorporating the SaaS companies calling into the Zoom Phone application is an exciting development for both organizations.

Briana Sullivan, VP of Marketing at NUSO, said: “We are thrilled to announce our Cloud Peering Partnership with Zoom for Zoom Phone users. Integrating NUSO calling into the Zoom Phone application is incredibly exciting for our collective teams. We look forward to growing the NUSO and Zoom partnership through shared and successful mutual customers.”

Enabling NUSO voice calling through the Zoom Phone app also enables Zoom customers to take advantage of NUSO’s Carrier Network and NUSOflex. NUSOflex applies the cloud computing infrastructure idea to the PSTN environment, routing around local, incoming voice impairments in minutes. 

“The Zoom and NUSO partnership makes a lot of sense, we’re able to pair Zoom’s cutting-edge Cloud Phone System with NUSO’s unparalleled customer support and security to create a seamless and secure communication experience, empowering businesses to focus on growth and success without worrying about infrastructure and support,” commented Jason Gilligan Global Head of Business Development for Zoom Phone.