Ooredoo Oman has recently taken an important step in optimizing its assets by opening a tender for the sale and leaseback of its tower infrastructure. The company has invited several expert telecommunications firms to submit bids. According to Ooredoo, they will provide updates regarding any significant developments in the project, and the winning bid will be disclosed once a final decision is reached, subject to approval from the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority and other relevant authorities.

The tender process, which is still in its early stages, aims to evaluate bids for Ooredoo’s tower assets. However, details such as the estimated value of the infrastructure, number of towers on offer, and financial details of bids are yet to be disclosed.

This move by Ooredoo Oman is a part of its parent company, Ooredoo Group’s larger strategy, as it has been exploring the sale of tower assets in multiple markets for over a year. This strategy closely follows the global trend set by major operators, like Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom, and Telefonica, that have spun off their tower units in recent years. This strategy has attracted significant investment, especially from private investment firms interested in the telecommunications sector while operators are focusing on expensive fiber and 5G infrastructure rollouts.

Ooredoo Group’s portfolio encompasses over 20,000 towers spread across the Middle East, North Africa, and Southeast Asia, with an estimated combined worth of approximately $5 billion. The sale of Omani towers, specifically, was first hinted at in September last year.

It is worth mentioning that Ooredoo is not the only Middle Eastern operator monetizing its tower infrastructure. Omantel, the company’s local competitor, sold its towers to Helios Towers Company for $495 million at the end of last year. Vodafone Oman, the country’s third mobile player, primarily utilizes the infrastructure provided by Oman Towers Company, with whom they signed a partnership deal in 2020.

The mobile tower market continues to evolve, with operators consistently looking to optimize their assets and maximize returns on investment. As the global telecommunications industry continues to grow and expand, the significance of the mobile tower market cannot be overemphasized.